The HoloDeck Servers

These are the general rules for playing on the HoloDeck UT 2k4 servers. Please read and understand these rules before playing.

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The HoloDeck Servers

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Several things you should know?.
All chat is logged. Everything you type into the console is automatically published to the internet for all to see at any time. This server is not a commercial server. It is a privately owned machine in my home.
It is being made available to the Unreal community as a service and to give back for the fun I have had on other servers. You can find more information as well as links to the player stats here:

? Do not be abusive to your fellow players. If you have a problem with a player, report him to the admin. Calling him a F* cheat will get you banned before it will get him banned. Do not direct foul language at other players, if you do, you will be removed from the server and possibly banned based on the severity of your offense.

? Aimbots are cool right? WRONG! Use any type of cheat on this server and you will not only be banned here, you will be entered into the UTAN database of known cheaters. This is a zero tolerance policy! No second chance will be given, period.

? Use a proper nick name to play. ?Player? is not a proper name, nor is any name already in use by another player. Attempting to use the nick of one of our server admins will get you an immediate ban.

? Don?t whine! You have lag? OK, let us know. Maybe we will be easy on you ;-) Don?t keep complaining about it every 5 minutes.

? See another player do something that seems impossible? Ask him how he did it. Most players are willing to pass along a few hints. Also, the admins are always willing to help, just ask. But please remember that we are not experts and we like to play too. If you see a heavy match in progress, wait until the end of the match, the beginning of the next, or send an email.

? Don?t like the map that?s currently playing? You can vote for a new map at any time, but remember that other players may like that map. Calling the map ?stupid? or ?gay? is not going to get them to change it.

? Spamming the chat screen will NOT be tolerated. Holding down a key to produce a long string is annoying to the other players, and forces the admins to hand edit the tracking database to remove it or trim it to an acceptable size.

? If you join a game in progress, think about joining the trailing side. They could probably use your help.

? These servers are the home of the God Dogs clan. If you see a player wearing the tag {GDz} it means he is a member of the clan and this is also his server. Remember that and show them some respect for allowing you to play on their server. Being disrespectful to any clan member will result in your being kicked from the server and possibly banned.

? DO NOT wear the {GDz} tag unless you are a member of the clan. Any player caught wearing the tag without permission will be banned.

? Don't use a map glitch to cheat, I.E. hiding under the map or behind a wall to avoid being shot. (Note: some large maps have "furniture" that you can walk through. This is not the same as being under the floor or behind a wall where you cannot be hit. General rule, if you can shoot but cannot be shot, you should not be there) If you find yourself accidentally stuck in the map, ask an admin for assistance. We can assist you in returning to the map without dying. If there is no admin available, you MUST suicide or disconnect from the game to return to the map. If you are caught using a glitch, you will be warned once, then any admin may slay or kick/ban you the next time you do it.

? If you share a computer and/or unreal CD key with your brother/sister/roommate etc, remember if we ban you they are banned as well. There is nothing we can do about this as that is just the way it works. So try to think how they will react if they find out you got THEM banned.

? Don't ask an admin if you can have permission to cheat. The answer will always be NO.

? And the most important rule, HAVE FUN!

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